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2020 Stage Four Motorsports Holiday Gift Calendar

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UPDATE: We are happy to announce that we've raised and donated $1120 to The Good Shepherd of Hamilton! We'd like to thank everyone that contributed, and we look forward to doing this again for 2021. We still have some calendars left, so we'll leave the link live on our website until all of the calendars are gone. Monthly donations will continue to be made to The Good Shepherd of Hamilton as we sell the calendars, until we are sold out.


As automotive enthusiasts, we are fortunate to be able to enjoy some of the wants in life - especially something we're passionate about. However, there are many people that struggle on a daily basis to fulfill their basic needs, let alone their wants. So this holiday season, Stage Four Motorsports would like to do something to help those in the community who might be going through a difficult time.

We've ordered 100 Stage Four Motorsports 2020 Holiday Gift Calendars, and we're selling them for $20 each. We're covering all printing and shipping costs, which means 100% of the proceeds ($2000 if we sell all of them) will be used to give assistance to those struggling this holiday season. We'll be using the money to give a partial cash donation and partial supplies donation (diapers, wipes, formula, canned goods, etc.) to The Good Shepherd of Hamilton, so they could provide warm meals to those who need it, and also some items to help those struggling with young children or infants.

Our goal is to have all of the calendars sold by December 15th, so that we can make sure to have everything in the hands of The Good Shepherd at least one week before Christmas.

The calendar is perfect for your home or office, it's roughly 8.25" wide by 4" tall and stands on it's own, with every month featuring a different photo of a #TeamStageFour driver or vehicle in action.

We're taking orders right away and we only have 100 of them, so if you like what we're doing please share this post - or even better, give $20 to a worthy cause and get a sweet calendar :)  We really appreciate everyone's support, and if you have any questions at all please feel free to email

Also, to any photographers that we used photos from - we apologize for not asking permission before hand. We were in a printing time crunch, however we did make sure to leave all watermarks visible, and we are not profiting from this in any way. However if anyone does have an issue, please contact us and we'd be happy to pay for the photo.